Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Kids Halloween Party

We had a great time on Saturday. It was the kids Halloween party at my 2 sister in laws summer homes at Woodsmoke Ranch. When we left at about 10 am it was rainy and cold and my hubby kept asking us if we still wanted to go. I asked my daughter and her friend and they both said yes. I am so happy we did go because the sun starting shining at about 1pm and even though it was still a bit nippy we had a great time. The kids got to trick or treat from 2 to 4pm and we went through about 17 bags of candy. We knew it was a slow candy day because last year we went through 25 BIG bags of candy. We had a lot of family members not show up because they thought the weather was going to be bad all day. Surprise. lol
We all made tons of food and leave it go all day. I made my barbecue pork in my crock pot, we also had chili, tamales, hot dogs, chicken and mostacolli and tons of sweets.
When it got dark we sat around the bonfire and made smores and my nephew played the guitar. It was so nice. We left fairly early because my hubby had to work the next day. My daughter was disappointed because she was standing in line waiting to get into the haunted house but my hubby was tired so she didn't get in. I told her next year she has to go earlier.
Here are a few pictures:

My great nieces Hope and Alexandra.

My daughter's friend Amber and My Sara as a Green Fairy.

This is hubby and I. I dress up like a pumpkin every year because I am the one who passes out the candy to the kids and they love it.

The carving of the pumpkins. My daughter didn't want to do one this year. That is my sister in law in the orange helping one of her friends sons. We only got 4 kids who did pumpkins. One year we had 20 pumpkins lined up on the deck with candles in them.

We had to use our portable fire pit because we were all sitting up front. They have 2 in ground fire pits in the back of their decks.

I have to have another MRI on Tuesday. I wasn't going to have one but the hospital called & reminded me. It is a follow-up from the brain surgery last December. The reason I wasn't going to have it because I am still paying the medical bills from December & I don't want to add anymore. I guess it will give me peace of mind to make sure the tumor isn't growing back. I am not worried though because I haven't had any headaches except my one that lives with me (my hubby) LOL

Missie made this one and the one above that says Welcome to my journal. I think it was a few years ago.

Have a wonderful week.


Hollie said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Praying everything goes well with your MRI!

garnett109 said...

what a great day

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Sounds and looks like it was a wonderful party!

Fat[free]Me said...

What lovely pictures of a great party!

I hope the MRI went OK?

Tabby said...

Hi :)
I am so glad you decided to go to the party it really looked like fun from all the great pictures! Your daughter is so beautiful she is turning into quite the young woman. I just love your pumpkin outfit...LOL did you buy or make that? I know I am behind so I hope the MRI turned out good.
Hugs!!! said...

I love seeing your costumes and all the pumpkins.
I hope your test comes out good. I know exactly how you feel. I hate those things too. But preventative medicine is sometimes the best medicine. We have to get those checkups and test.

Jody V said...

Hi Dutch!!

What a great time you had!! Good for you. Glad to see you kept the blog. I enjoy hearing about your family.


Jimmy's Journal said...

17 bags of candy? Wow, In my day we'd have made two or three trips by your house.

I bought two bags and one was never even opened (until I got hungry).


Jody V said...

Hey Dutch,

What's up for Thanksgiving??? Share those recipes!!


Jody V said...

I hear you Dutch on the funk. Get the book out and let's rock the Holidays together!! Post have a lot to say...your voice has merit!! Now...let's hear it!!

A very good friend in Jersey named Jody!!