Thursday, September 24, 2009

To Keep or Not To Keep

I have been debating for a few months on if I want to keep this blog. I feel frustrated that I don't post more but I also feel like I don't have anything interesting to say. I am a housewife/stay at home Mom, whatever you want to call it. My life just seems to be the same, clean, cook, bills, grocery shop, etc. etc. etc.
I love reading all of your blogs. I may not comment much but I do love reading about everything that is happening in your lives. I don't know if I am just having a pity party right now or what. I can't seem to get back on the eating right & exercise plan. I went to the doctor today and I had to get on the scale. I am so mad at myself for gaining back some of the weight I lost. My doctor asked me if I had seen the surgeon for my hernia to be repaired and I told him I canceled. I told him that I was suppose to be down about 90 lbs. and that I am still paying for all the bills from my brain surgery in December.
I know I am rambling because I have been really stressed about the bills and almost losing our house. OK enough.
Let's see if I can talk about something more positive, like my garden. I am still pulling tons of cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and I will be getting the brussel sprouts off very soon. I finally cut the last of the cabbage because it looked like a garden worm was eating the rest of them. I got 2 batches of coleslaw out of it.
I am suppose to go to Woodsmoke Ranch tomorrow to visit with 2 of my sister in laws. My mother in law called and wants us all to go to see my nephews football game tomorrow. I am thinking about it because I need to get out of the house but always in the back of my mind is money. Are we going to have enough money for gas? I have been trying to get my hubby to take over the checking account so I can sleep at night. My neighbor told him that since her hubby took over their checking account it has been wonderful. I can only dream. LOL
Well, I was going to add some pictures but I want to get ready to watch my 2 programs tonight. Survivor and Grey's Anatomy.


Hollie said...

I hope you keep your blog. I feel the same way about talking about the same things, but that's my life. I enjoy blogging so much too. It's nice to look back & see what was going on certain days. I'll understand whatever you decide, but I'm hoping you keep on blogging.

I know what you mean also about bills. Money is soooo tight! Praying for all of our finances! Take care!

Tabby said...

Hi Dutch,

Oh I hope you keep your blog...please, please. I like reading about your life I do not think mine is that much more interesting. I am sorry to hear with all the struggles your going through right now. Do not get down on yourself buddy. Even if you post once a month. How come you have to pay the hospital bills, do you not have insurance? If not cant you qualify for some state plan because of your financial troubles? I will always keep you and the family in my prayers.
Big Huge hug!

Missie said...

I know how you feel. I may just keep making little entries at facebook.

garnett109 said...

Keep your blog I enjoy reading it! said...

I feel like you do quite often. Writing is good therapy though, and it is fun to look back at old entries. I enjoy your blog and hope you keep writing.

Sybil said...

I do hope that you continue your blog. I think most of us feel that we lead mostly very boring lives with not a lot going on but to others it can read as very interesting. Also blogging can be in a way rather theraputic sometimes. As for the dieting don't worry to much you did it before and you CAN do it again, just in your own time.
Keep smiling
Love Syil xx

Jody V said...

Hi Dutch,

I think we are all going through this at the same time. I feel the same way. In blog is "Under Construction" right now but it's not my blog. It's me.
Hang in there!! Maybe this is a good form of therapy for us. You can always just post the positive here. I wish you the best!!


Monae said...

Hello. I came upon your blog and I wanted to comment. I read your entry and I do hope that you keep your blog going. I love reading about different from all over the world. I think that you have a lot to offer to blog land and there are a lot of people that feel the same way I do. I love reading your blog and I do hope that you keep it up. I will have to come back and read more of your entries. Do keep us posted and take care.

natalie said...

hi Dutch! I love your pictures and comments!
you know you are a warrior!
I am proud of all that you are doing in your life!
Step back and realize how great you are!
please come and visit me at Lurkynat and leave comments and your link!
Yours Truly, natalie

Jimmy's Journal said...

I think you should keep on blogging! There's no time table and you can do it at your leisure.


Jody V said...

Hi Dutch!!

Keep your blog. Just do it when you can! We miss you.