Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Bee

Hi Everyone. I thought I would do a quick post since I haven't done one since Oct.
How is everyone doing? I have been keeping busy with decorating, cleaning and like always cooking. I can never seem to catch up. I haven't even wrote out my Christmas cards yet.
My hubby finally finished putting the lights on the outside of the house. I wasn't going to put lights on every window but I was feeling the holiday spirit so I went ahead and did it and I am so happy I did. I will take pictures and post them. They are basically the same as last year. I ran out of lights so I haven't done the tree yet. I went to Walmart but the selection of lights really sucked. I will see if hubby wants to go out

My daughter is doing pretty good with driving. When she drove home from school the other night I was so nervous. She said she hates driving with me. I guess I just don't have the patience. We have to put in the 50 hours so hopefully on the weekends hubby will do it. He said now that he is working 2nd shift who is going to drive with her. I guess I could do it sometimes if I take some kind of pill to chill out. LOL I first have to go see the doctor to get something. LOL
We had our Thanksgiving on Sunday but after I cooked I was so hot that I wasn't hungry. My daughter & hubby ate in the front room since my dining room table was filled with Christmas decorations.

They were happy. I made homemade dressing for the first time and it turned out great. I loved it. It tasted pretty close to my Mom's recipe. I also made the pumpkin pie and hubby ate it all. That is a good sign that he liked it. LOL
Well, I will probably post another entry once I take some pictures. I need to do the tree first.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Michelle said...

I had the pleasure of driving with my 16 year old son Robert - who was too slow when he started and then too fast when he got more confident. It was a scary ass time lol.

I remember wanting to pop a few anti anxiety pills - especially when he tried to merge on to a highway the car to the right was practically on my lap.

He has his license now and I'm told he is a good driver- although my middle son won't drive in the car with him still. Now He has his permit. But he probably will do better since he's a rule follower.

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.


garnett109 said...

my dad use to take a six pack out when we went driving, to calm his nerves i guess said...

Have a great weekend. Good luck with your new driver..just think you can send her out to pick up groceries someday..It is nice when they learn to drive.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I haven't even begun so you're way ahead of me. I think you daughter will do fine.


Kathy said...

It was good to hear from you Dutch. I have been hit and miss too lately. Between cleaning and going to the gym and people visiting I haven't found the time either. Hopefully I will get more organized soon so I can write my blog more often too. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Glad you had a successful dinner on Thanksgiving (Sunday)

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Hey stranger. Can't wait to see pictures of your decorations.

Jody V said...

Hi Dutch!

Glad to hear all is well. Can't wait to see your pics. My Nick is also driving...SCARY!!!

Take care,

Sybil said...

Glad to see you back with us Dutch,,long time no see...
Looking forward to seeing all your lovely Christmas photographs...I have always said that the one job I would NEVER be able to do is teach anyone to nerves would never stand it..! Good luck,
Love Sybil xx

Hollie said...

It's good to hear from you. I can't wait to see pictures of your decorations.

I hate riding with Colt too. His driving scares the crap out of me. LOL

I bet your dressing was awesome! I love homemade dressing. I didn't make any for Thanksgiving, but I will be making it at Christmas.

cc22 said...