Friday, June 4, 2010

I Didn't Quit....Again

I forced myself to go to Weight Watchers this morning and I am glad that I did even though I gained again. The last 3 weeks have been horrible but hopefully things will look up. I think I went back today because I got a beautiful post card from my leader saying that they missed me and that gave me incentive to go. I walked in on my crutches and they all knew why I haven't been coming but I only hurt my knee on Sunday and the last 3 weeks is because I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon. I might try to do the 5K walk this Sunday. My knee is feeling better and I only have a few pain pills left so we will see how I am feeling on Sunday. The 5K walk is the Weight Watcher challenge. I told one of the girls I might met her there if my knee is feeling OK.

We have a lot of things going on this weekend. Our little village holds it yearly garage sale days. I have been going with my neighbor for the past few years. My hubby's niece asked us to help her move so my daughter, her boyfriend and hubby are going to go. My husband wants me to go so I can watch her 3 kids but I told him I do garage sale days every year. I am not sure what I am going to do. I guess it all depends on if my neighbor comes out this weekend. The house that she owns here is only when she comes out on the weekends. She owns a house in Chicago. I guess I will call her later.

Have a great weekend.


Tabby said...

Hi Dutch,
Sorry to hear you hurt your knee, I sure hope you feel better soon. Keep up going to WW you will get back on the wagon. I am doing good on spark people down 15 lbs so far. I hope you can have fun this weekend and find lots of great buys at the garage sales.

Julie said...

I am glad you went to the meeting. Do it for yourself. I go back and forth on My fitness pal but am slowing losing losing losing. You can do it. I hope your knee gets better.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Stick with it Dutch, you can do it!


garnett109 said...

enjoy your weekend

joven said...

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Jody V said...

Don't ever give up Dutch! Glad you went back. I love those garage sales myself.

Hope the weekend is great!


Missie said...

I feel your pain! Both knee pain and the pain of dieting! LOL

Have a good week.