Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beginning Again

I just rejoined Weight Watchers this morning. I am very excited because my sister also joined but she lives in a different state. We talk almost every day so I know she will keep me on my toes about losing this weight. I have to get serious about this because of my health problems. I am worried about the 45 percent blockage of my heart, plus my Rheumatoid Arthritis seems to be getting worse instead of better. I think I am going to try to take pictures of the things I eat so I can keep track of everything. I love reading other peoples blogs about all the healthy foods and I get some great ideas from them. I really missed writing in here but sometimes I feel like all I write about is boring things but it is my life, boring or not. I hope I get some of my readers back since I haven't posted since Christmas. I do read all the blogs listed on the side but don't comment much. I think that is going to change also since I really want to keep myself busy with other things beside food.

Thanks for stopping by and I love comments.


Di said...

Yay for taking a pro-active step ! I think that any time we take a more pro active approach to our challenges we begin to feel stronger, more in charge and good things start to happen . Best wishes on your weight Watchers journey- I think it is always helpful to approach these life changing programs with a friend in hand :-)

Jody V said...

Welcome back!! Glad to see you posting! Good luck on your WW journey! I think it's the best out there!

Healthtec Software said...

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Tabby said...

Gee I am behind on checking my blogs. I am glad you have a weight loss buddy! I hope losing weight will help with your health problems...I do not like hearing that your in pain :( What can they do about the blockage in your heart that is scary! I use a great App that is free and you can take pictures and keep track of stuff check out

I am glad you did a blog post :)

Unknown said...

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