Sunday, March 22, 2009

Walk Away The Pounds

I have lost another 2 lbs making my total for the Chubby Chick Challenge at 12 lbs.
My total pounds gone 36. I have been doing pretty well as far as exercise goes. I started walking outside yesterday and even though I did only a half mile, I am still doing my Walk Away the Pounds tapes.

I try to do anywhere from 2 miles to 4 miles. I already got in my 2 miles and I will probably take the dog for a walk later when it warms up a bit. I took him yesterday and he doesn't seem to like it. When I tell him lets go for a walk he runs into his bed. In the beginning when we first got the dog my daughter was suppose to take him and then she stopped. He just wants to be in the backyard playing. I will just keep trying until he likes it. LOL
I am getting ready to wash the sheets and hang them on the clothes line. I love doing this. It saves on electricity and I like how the sheets smell. My hubby hates when I do this because the clothes line goes across his pond. He is working right now so that is why I want to do it early.

My daughter is on spring break this week. She was at a bonfire last night and I think she wants to go to the show today. It is just so beautiful out that maybe she will just want to hang out with her friends at the park.
I have to have another MRI in 6 months. I thought I was through with all of that but he just wants to make sure that it doesn't come back. 3 MRI's in 9 months. I hope never again. I also have to go see my ENT doctor on Thursday about my sinus infection. This is the second one since surgery and I want to know what is causing them. In my lifetime I think I might have gotten about 2 or 3 but not all within 2 months. All in all I am on the road to recovery and am feeling my best overall. I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes and thoughts. You guys are the best.


Julie said...

I don't know why but I just hate those MRI's. To confining. But your getting so skinny you just slide right in, WTG with the weight loss. I hope they get your sinus infection cleaned up soon.

garnett109 said...

That poor dogs legs are just to small for a 2 mile walk.

jo said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds!!!!!

Our doggies live for taking walks. You could borrow ours. ;-)

Sorry about another MRI, but better to err on the side of caution. They're loud, arne't they?

Sending healing vibes for that sinus infection.

jo said...

p.s. your blog looks very pretty!

Sybil said...

Hi There Dutch, I am so pleased that you are feeling so much better, it shines through in your journal. Sorry you have to have another scan, but better safe than sorry...Keep walking,
Love Sybil x

Hollie said...

Congrats on your weight loss! Just do whatever you have to do to stay healthy!


Joann said...

ANOTHER 2 LBS.... WOO HOO!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!! You're doing great!!!

bbubblyb said...

Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing really great. Way to go on the walking too.

Tabby said...

You are doing so wonderful on your exercising and weight loss :) I have not seen a picture of the doggy since he was a baby he is so cute but he is smart to run back to bed I would I love the smell of clothes hung outside it reminds me of childhood. Enjoy your week and lets hope those MRI's all keep coming back good. Oh wait I meant to tell you the virus thing that has been going around causes a sinus infection I had it and I know like 6 people who got the same thing.

Chubby Chick said...

You are doing so well with the weight loss and exercise! You are truly an inspiration.

And... thanks so much for your encouragement and support. It means a lot to me. Today after reading your comment, I thought to myself... "Now she is one nice lady." :)

It's Just Katie! said...

I say "Way to Go" Keep up the great job. Hoping you enjoy the rest of your week. Take care and have fun!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Way to go with your walking exercise, it's a great way to stay fit.

My grandmother started walking seven years ago at the age of 74 and we haven't seen her since.


Jody V said...

You're doing great with the exercise Dutch! Good for you losing another 2 lbs.