Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Lb. Bites The Dust

I am happy to say that I lost another lb. I think I would have lost more if I kicked up the exercise. I didn't exercise for the past 2 days because my throat and the left side of my face was hurting. I am happy though.

I am up this early because I have to take hubby to work and then go get my mammogram and some blood work drawn. I seen the neurosurgeon on Tuesday and he wants to check my hormone levels. I don't have to have an MRI until the end of March. I am hoping to be through with all of my doctors and procedures by the end of March. At this point I am really sick of doctors. LOL

We had some beautiful weather here Monday and Tuesday. It was in the 60's on Tuesday and I was just enjoying the outside talking to my neighbors and dreaming about spring. Yesterday was a different story. It was cold and wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. I think they said something about snow within a few days. Well, only 37 more days until spring.

The new Survivor is on tonight. I can't wait.

I wasn't that impressed with the last one so I am hoping that the new one tonight will be better. I get so addicted to these shows. I can't help myself.

I need some coffee so I am off.

Have a terrific Thursday everyone.


Hollie said...

Congrats any way! I know you will be glad to be through with all the doc appts.

garnett109 said...

Enjoy your Thursday also.

Sugar said...

congrats on the lb gone!!! woo hoo!
yea, i get sick of drs too.
big survivor fane here too! can hardly wait till tonight. it's the only reality type show i watch every episode of. lol

Tabby said...

You are going to just melt away! No really congratulations I sure wish I had the will power to start my spring exercising now! I hope you feel better soon too! That nice weather sure was a tease, today it is cloudy, rainy and yes maybe snow :(


Lin said...

Congrats on another lb.gone! My gf and I are going to try for -10 by Easter. I guess I should get started soon!

Deborah said...

WOOHOO!! Another pound gone!! YOU ROCK!!

FrankandMary said...

Be happy with every pound, since I know people going the other way! I work in medical(or did)so I am the worse kind of patient.

I stopped by from Tabby's blog.

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Good for you on that additional pound gone! Just found your blog and looks like you are doing great! Vee at

Ora said...

Hey Girl...a pound is a pound...and a "lost" pound is even better LOL..keep up the good work...hope all goes well with the doc appointments...they do get a bit dreary after a while...right??? God Bless...hugs...Ora