Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Healthier

I have found some amazing journals regarding weight loss, exercise and getting healthier. I really hate making new year's resolutions but I have been letting myself go for to long. I need to start making myself accountable for all my bad eating habits and not exercising. I know the past couple of months my health hasn't been all that great. I am happy with the outcome of my surgery. I go see my neurosurgeon on Friday and I want to ask him if I can join Curves. I think he will give me the go ahead or may ask me to wait a few more weeks since my surgery was only a few weeks ago. I am ready to start feeling better about myself. I may join Weight Watchers tomorrow. I haven't made up my mind on that yet. My vehicle is still out of commission so I would have to take hubby to work and I know he can get a ride home since we only live about 10 minutes away.

The last few days I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I bought a big bag of red grapefruit and I look on one of my prescriptions and it said not to eat grapefruit. I love grapefruit and I just picked up my prescription and I asked the about it and they said it would interact with the prescription. Oh well, I guess I will be giving away about 15 grapefruits. I made some black-eyed peas with ham yesterday and it turned out great. I also made this ham,egg,mushroom,red peppers,swiss cheese and cottage cheese bake. It was delicious. I don't think that it is really low fat but I only had a small piece and I will probably cut it into smaller squares and freeze since I don't think anyone else in my family will eat it. I am going to make a chicken stir fry tonight for myself. I have to remember to change things up when I start eating right because I seem to get very bored easily with certain foods. It also takes a lot of time in cutting up all the vegetables I bought yesterday.

Well, I won't bore you anymore with all my diet talk. Oh, that's right I am not calling it a diet, I am getting healthier and in better shape.

13 comments: Cassie) said...

I Thought about weight watchers, but hate the weigh ins.
I love grapefruit. Thats a shame it interacts with your meds.
I need to walk more, and I know I would feel much better.

Hollie said...

Weight Watchers is a real good program... I have tried it several different times....I had good results everytime, but I fell off the wagon. They don't call it a "diet" either. They just teach you portion control & how to eat healthier. Best wishes for a healthier life style.


Jeanne said...

I am with you on the whole idea of "getting healthier." Every year I vow to lose weight and every year...I don't. (lol) I have TWO goals for 2009....

1. I just ordered a brand new treadmill for the entire family. I pay hefty monthly fees for us to go to the gym and most of us never go. I am cancelling my membership and I am going to spend 2009 becoming really good friends with my treadmill. It comes with all of these programmed weight loss workouts and I plan to go thru each one of them and use that machine every single day...NO EXCUSES.

2. I am already a WW memeber, but my problem is I skip meetings when I am not doing well....and then it goes downhill from there. My goal for 2009 is to NOT MISS ONE MEETING OR WEIGH IN ALL YEAR. I must weigh in...even if it's bad. If I don't....I fall further and further off my game.

Those are my two goals for 2009. I am hoping that if I do both of these things, I WILL lose weight and get healthy this year!


Missie said...

Grapefruit can interact with a lot of different medications actually. I'm glad you found that out before you started eating it.

I wish you luck on getting healthy!

Kathy said...

I think Curves is a great idea. I used to work at Curves and it is a terrific program for people who need to start getting active. And WW is also great. You can do the online program with them. It is less expensive than the weekly meetings too. Your ham casserole sounds very tasty. I am glad you are feeling better.


Sybil said...

Glad to see that you are feeling so much better. as for the weight...well just wait and see what the Dr. advises...The do say that Weight Watchers are good to start you gong anyway, but I think they are a bity expensive. However it is what happens after the initial good start that Hollie says it is easy to fall of the wagon again !!
Anyway take care I think you look lovey just as you are.x
Love sybil xx

Emmi said...

Weight Watchers & Curves are both excellant programs. You can do WW online for a lot less than you can get going to meetings once a week plus online you can blog with people 24/7, let them keep track of your points, still have to weigh in once a week, they plan your meals & give you grocery lists to go with it. I love WW cause it's not a diet ... just a healthier way to live life.

garnett109 said...

Good luck with the diet

Deborah said...

Thanks for stopping by my post for a visit. I really appreciated your advice and look forward to supporting you as well on this journey.

I began this journey (this time) with WW but the meetings in my rural area just weren't at the best times for me so I started the on-line version and it was about 1/4 the cost. It worked for me for a while and then I quit and just started counting calories and planning on SparkPeople (which is free). Now I'm using and I like it the best of all. It does have a $9 monthly fee but so far it is all worth it. And it is sooooo much easier to use than the other two were. Very "user friendly" as they say. It encourages you to exercise EVERY day and gives you a frowny face if you don't. The frist week I felt guilty but now I have decided that I need a day of rest so it didn't bother me this time.

Don't have a Curves in my area or any gyms either. So I just use DVD's or go walking with friends when I have company. But Curves sounds really neat. I've read a lot of blogs that sing their praises.

Arlene (AJ) said...

My hubby loves grapefruit, but like you it interferes with one of his meds, so that's out at our house. Healthy eating - go that route versus saying dieting. Believe the healthy eating way is the way to go, lots of fruits and vegetables, watch your salt and sugar intake and eat lots of fish and chicken and do some walking or low pact exercises and you'll start seeing good results that you can live with and won't feel like you are dieting or feeling guilty if you enjoy some special goodie now and then.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I found changing my lifestyle made all the difference in the world. Wishing you the very best. Take care

Chews to Lose said...

Thanks for the comment. Lots of luck on your weigh in tomorrow. :-)

Tabby said...

I hate New Years resolutions but I sure hope you succeed! Im so glad your results are good from the doctor, that sure was scary. I have been thinking of getting back on the diet/exercise wagon too or I am going to have to buy a new wardrobe. One site I used to use was It is much like weight watchers but free!!! Give it a look. Thanks for the welcome back too :)