Sunday, October 5, 2008

Testing to see if entry goes through

I wanted to come on here and do a quick entry since I haven't added one yet.
It has been a crazy weekend. We had a wedding on Friday night which was beautiful. We got home around 1am and then had to get up at 6:30 am to take our daughter to her high school parade since she is on the volleyball team. Thank goodness my hubby took her because I was exhausted. I didn't get up until 10am. She went to the football games after the parade and didn't get home until almost 6pm and had to hurry to get dressed for the homecoming dance. Her date and his parents arrived at 6:15. We were rushing around trying to get her ready. He bought her a bouquet of carnations. They were beautiful. We got a chance to take a few pictures and then out the door they went. She got home around 10:30 and she is now still sleeping. I think we are just going to lounge around today and do some housework. I am hoping sometime within the new few days to figure out how to add pictures and to redo my whole layout of my blog.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.


Tabby said...

Morning Dutch,

Yes your entry came through just fine. Glad you had a nice time at the wedding. Sounds like resting today is a good idea since you where so busy this weekend.

garnett109 said...

reading you no friend

D said...

Whew... glad you did an entry. You left a request for a tag but I have no email. Either add an email to your profile or leave an addy in the comment. No other way for me to get it to you.

Julia said...

I got it. Welcome to blogging.

Ericanbiloxi said...

I am trying to learn how to change my template, but I am loving the new blog site.
Good to see you blogging.....

bookncoffee said...

Oh I like your backyard pond area. Neat. Well, your entry came thru just fine.
Have a good week.

Missie said...

I got your entry on google reader! Enjoy your Monday.

Linda said...

It looks great! I'm glad you had a good time at the wedding...and I can't wait to see pictures of your daughter all dressed up :)

Pooh Hugs,

Missie said...

I have your tag for you, but no email. Send me your email!!

Joann said...

WOW... busy weekend for you all!! I hope your daughter had a great time!! I think your layout looks great now.


Rjet33 said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. Sounds like you have been very busy! I am still learning my way around over here too!~



Monica said...

I hopped over from Susan's blog - Country Living Southern Style.

After 5 years of journaling on AOL, and with the change, I've been finding some new blogs. It sounds like you are moving over from AOL also. Hopefully you will like it here, it's not bad.

I can relate to the late weddings and then up early the next day. I hope you got some rest and are now ready for the rest of the week!


Sherry said...

I am so far behind on journals that it is not funny I hope I am figuring this thing out , I hope you had a good rest sweety